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The best bubble tea in Burnaby according to our readers

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August 4, 2021 | 1:49 am

When the weather is hot and you’re looking for a cold treat that isn’t ice cream or a Slurpee, look no further than bubble tea.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some Burnaby bubble tea spots you need to try.

TeaLips Cafe: “I’ve been going there for NINE years and have seen the place evolve so much. It somehow possesses magical qualities for me to reach peak productivity when finishing papers, and I often turn to them when I’m having a bad day and want my favourite chicken pesto sandwich. Highly recommended!” says Beacon reader Kayli Jamieson.
Address: 7139 Arcola Way

Blossom Teas: A personal favourite of mine, Blossom Teas is a hidden gem that serves up excellent bubble tea. The pearls are fresh, and have a consistently good texture. Their mango drink options are a popular favourite. One of my go-to’s is the taro slush made with non-dairy milk. Definitely give Blossom a try!
Address: #23-7198 Barnet Highway

Ki Tea House Cafe: “This vote is from my two teenage daughters (15 and 19) and local bubble tea connoisseurs. I think it is great too! Great atmosphere as well,” says Carla.
Address: #105-6888 Royal Oak Ave

OneZo Tapioca: Fans of OneZo rave about their tapioca pearls, claiming they are some of the best in town. There’s a wide variety of drinks to choose from and a “healthy option” menu list as well for those looking for something light on sugar.
Address: 4929 Kingsway St

SunTea: If you’re looking for variety, SunTea is definitely the place to go. Their menu is filled with options: fresh fruit tea, frappes, slushes, milk teas, and an impressive baked good selection, which includes Dorayakis, and soft breads.
Address: 6528 Hastings St, Burnaby/ #150-5172 Kingsway St

Xing Fu Tang: This Taiwanese chain is known for its brown sugar boba. They import their key ingredients directly from Taiwan and produce each drink with the same formula used for decades by its Taiwanese flagship.
Address: 6271 Kingsway St/ 4208 Dawson St

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice: Another popular chain, Coco was founded in 1997 and has over 4,000 stores around the globe. They serve up a wide variety of fresh, milk, fruit, yogurt, and coffee teas.
Locations: #105-6231 Kingsway St, 4461 Lougheed Hwy, Metropolis at Metrotown

It’s Tea: Those who frequent this spot recommend the fresh fruit teas. It’s Tea also serves up bubble waffles and taiyaki.
Address: 5238 Rumble St

Teapressu: Known for its awesome prices ($3.50 for a selection of 600 ml bubble teas) and its wide variety of flavours, Teapressu is a Burnaby favourite. Try the shaved ice milk tea and the milk tea swirl ice cream if you’re looking for something new.
Address: 5242 Kingsway St

Mr. Mustache Tea & Dessert: This quaint bubble tea spot offers up a roster of impressive drink selections, including fruit macchiatos, purple rice red bean yogurt, mango fruit tea, and much more. They also have an amazing pastry selection that is almost too pretty to eat.
Address: #110-6125 Sussex Ave

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