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Where to find the best fried chicken in Burnaby

Kingsway reigns supreme for fried chicken in Burnaby 🍗

By Marco Ovies | April 4, 2022 |5:00 am

There are plenty of fried chicken spots in Burnaby, but there is one street in particular where all the best fried chicken can be found.

Kingsway has multiple fried chicken joints all serving up their own unique twist on the dish.

But never fear, north and east Burnaby residents–there’s chicken aplenty in your neighbourhoods, too!

From Korean fried chicken to chicken sandwiches, there is definitely something everyone will enjoy.

Check out our list of the best fried chicken in Burnaby.

Chicko Chicken

Chicko Chicken should be your go-to place for Korean fried chicken in Burnaby. They have plenty of different chicken options like their Yangyeom Chicken which is sweet and spicy. This flavour combo is made possible through a blend of authentic Korean spices. Our personal favourite is the Cheese Snow Chicken which is tossed in their cheese snow podwer and has “sweet undertones of creamy, mouthwatering cheese.”

Address: 4429 Kingsway, Burnaby / 7531 Market Crossing / 7343 Edmonds St

Chirpyhut Fried Chicken

Chirpyhut will serve you basically every part of the chicken deep-fried. You heard right, you can order a whole chicken, chicken leg, chicken gristle, chicken gizzard, and everything in between. They also have what they call “meteorite chicken” which at first glance may just look like very well-cooked chicken. But the secret is they season the chicken with squid ink alongside plenty of other seasonings to give it a black look. If you’re looking to try some unique twists on fried chicken, Chirpyhut is the place for you.

Address: 4300 Kingsway, Burnaby

Hi Five Chicken


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Hi Five Chicken has all of your classic chicken options, but if you visit we would recommend going for one of the chicken sandwiches they offer. You can’t go wrong with the HomeStyle Spicy Chicken Sandwich on a toasted brioche bun with spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fried chicken patty. But if you’re looking for something with a bit of kick to it you should check out the Super Spicy Roasted Sandwich. Warning: don’t underestimate how spicy “super spicy” means.

Address: 4361 Kingsway, Burnaby/ 8669 10th Ave /5933 Hastings St

Pelicana Chicken

This KFC spot near Lougheed Town Centre bills itself as “KING of CHICKEN”—and with good reason. The company was launched in Daejon, South Korea in 1982 and since then it’s opened more than 2,000 stores worldwide. You get to choose the type of chicken you want (bone-in, boneless, or wing), the size, and then the fun part: pick your sauce, from peli crunch to garlic to hot devil!

Address: 9626 Cameron St, Burnaby

Na-Re Korean Kitchen


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When we put the ask out for our readers’ favourite fried chicken spots in Burnaby on Instagram last month, one name consistently cropped up in the comments: Na-Re Korean Kitchen. They’ve got all the KFC classics (and if you love your spices, make sure to try the uber-spicy cheese buldak flavour), but lots more for the seafood or noodle fans in your group, too! Plus, soju cocktails 🤤

Address: 7413 Edmonds St, Burnaby

J&G Fried Chicken

J&G Fried Chicken is a staple in Asia, with hundreds of locations in Taiwan (where it was first opened), Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. Burnaby’s own Crystal Mall is home to one of two Canadian locations and it’s most famous for its signature popcorn chicken, doused in “dozens of exotic spices and seasonings.” But it’s also got a chicken cutlet in the shape of a heart, and for all you vegetarians out there, deep-fried king oyster mushrooms!

Address: 2121-4500 Kingsway, Burnaby

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen


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The one, the only, the legendary Popeye’s! This chain has made global headlines over the rush for its insanely delicious fried chicken sandwiches, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Popeye’s opened up a Burnaby location near Edmonds early last summer. While you’re there, make sure to try out the ghost pepper wings too.

Address: 7855 Kingsway, Burnaby

Church’s Chicken 

Our readers had a lot of good things to say about Church’s Chicken. This Texas-based chain is a must-try and fan favourites include the original or spicey combo, which comes with fries, pop, and a biscuit. Give the jalapeno poppers a try while you’re there, too!

Address: 6591 Kingsway #103, Burnaby /4267 Lougheed Highway

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