Chicken from J&G Chicken and bubble tea from Chewgurt Yummy (@jandgfriedchicken @chewgurtyummy / Instagram)

The Beacon’s top spots to visit at Crystal Mall

Whether you want to do some shopping or get some yummy treats, these are the best places in Crystal Mall to visit.



May 10, 2022 | 5:00 am

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Since it was built in 2000, Crystal Mall has been the largest Chinese-Asian mall in Burnaby. With over 200 different stores selling a variety of goods and services, we’ve broken down some of our favourite places in Crystal Mall to satisfy your food or shopping needs.

Hobby JR


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Hobby JR is best known for its model kits, and more specifically its dedicated Bandai section. With so much variety, anyone who is interested in building models should visit this store.

Cafe Eggstatic

If you’re looking for some of the best bubble waffles in Burnaby, look no further than Cafe Eggstatic. They have mastered the art of bubble waffles and always serve them with a crispy shell and a soft chewy inside. You can order these waffles with sweet flavours, like their matcha and chocolate chip waffles, or savoury flavours, like their cheese and pork floss waffles. They also have a ton of different drink options for you to try, making it one of the best places in Crystal Mall for a quick snack.

KR Multimedia


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KR Multimedia is a go-to place for any k-pop fans in Burnaby. They have a large selection of different CDs, DVDs, posters, concert light sticks, clothing, and more. They also allow you to preorder merchandise, like the Twice 4th World Tour DVD pictured above.

Chewgurt Yummy


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If you’re a fan of yogurt drinks like the ones from Hey! I am Yogost, then you will love Chewgurt Yummy. They have different specialty drinks, like their new featured Purple Rice Chewgurt, Yummy Taro Chewgurt, and Red Dragon Fruit. However, the drinks are a bit on the pricey side, so be ready to spend around $9 per drink.

Lok’s Produce


This is by far the busiest produce store in Crystal Mall, and for good reason too! With their prices and fast cashiers, you really can’t go wrong by shopping at Lok’s Produce. Whatever produce you’re looking for, Lok’s Produce probably has it.

J&G Fried Chicken

Not only does J&G Fried Chicken have delicious and crispy chicken, but they serve some more unique deep-fried delicacies as well. You can try items like their deep-fried king oyster mushrooms and chicken knee cartilage (who knew chickens even had knees?).

Abdul BBQ & Shawarma


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This halal restaurant serves some of the best shawarma in Burnaby. They have plenty of different wraps and platters for you to try, but we would recommend trying anything with the lamb. The seasoning is incredible!

S&W Pepper House


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If you’re craving Chinese food, then look no further than S&W Pepper House. They’re one of the best places in Crystal Mall and have plenty of Chinese dishes from your basic Kung Pao Chicken to more unique items like their Baby Pig’s Feet in Dry Hot Chilli. Everything on their menu is delicious—we’re drooling just thinking about it.

Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot


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Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot is the perfect cure for all the rainy weather scheduled for the next couple of days in Burnaby. We’d recommend trying the Seafood Tofu Pot or the Korean Style Kimchi Pot. But if you’re not feeling like soup, you can also order one of their rice plates, like their Taiwanese Sausage on Rice.

Kingspark Good Food

If you’re looking for delicious, affordable, and quick food, look no further than Kingspark Good Food.  They serve yummy Hong Kong-style fast food that is so good you’ll be making trips back to the mall specifically for Kingspark Good Food.

The Crystal Mall

Address: 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby

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