This art display spanning 4,500 square feet is on for the whole summer (The Amazing Brentwood)

The Amazing Brentwood sparkles with their new art instillation “Mirrorball”

You won't believe the amount of disco balls you'll see.

By Marco Ovies | July 8, 2022 |2:22 pm

Expect to see some more glam the next time you visit The Amazing Brentwood. Mirrorball is a new interactive art display that is the largest mirrored experience in all of Western Canada. Consisting of 290 different disco balls and plenty of mirrors, this is an art display you will not want to miss. 

The exhibit spans over 4,500 square feet across seven separate installations throughout the centre and has plenty of mirrored surfaces to grab that perfect selfie. If you’re looking for the best way to see all of the exhibits, you’ve come to the right place. 

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You can start at the Grand Lobby where you can enjoy a huge motorized chandelier spinning above you. It’s amazing seeing such a large structure suspended above. 

Next, you can make your way out of the Grand Lobby, turn right as if you’re walking away from the fountain, and you’ll find a huge reflective circle shaped like a doughnut. This is an excellent place to grab that unique selfie that no one else will have, with a great backdrop of the Brentwood Mall. You can see the fountain in the back right through the centre of the statue. We, of course, had to stop to take a picture before moving on. 

The Amazing Brentwood

After you snap that perfect pic you can make your way toward the fountain, which is now filled with over 100 disco balls. If you time it just right you’ll be able to see the fountain in action. We’d recommend trying to time it when the sun is just hitting the disco balls, which creates a very unique effect. 

From there you want to continue left as if you’re walking to the sky bridge and you’ll hit two mirrored surfaces that are also great for selfies. One is the outdoor staircase, whose ceiling has been transformed into mirrors, and the other is a mirror against a wall with different words written on it: Creativity, art, culture, spirit, style, connection, amazing, attitude, intensity, inspiration, individuality, heartbeat, humanity. 

From there, walk up to the sky bridge where you can enjoy the final part of this exhibit. 

Similar to the Wildflower exhibit that used to occupy the sky bridge, there are more disco balls here to take a picture with.

The Amazing Brentwood

In a press release, Emma Fyfe, general manager of The Amazing Brentwood said, “Mirrorball’ is an expression of joy, fun, and spirit. The playful decadence found in the shapes, materials, and reflections speak to our desire to expand beyond comforting spaces and back to public venues that celebrate the vibrancy of life.”

“We know those in our community are seeking moments of excitement and ways to celebrate again. We’re grateful to bring this unique experience to our community, shine a light on ways to rediscover ourselves, and reflect on what matters: Joy and togetherness.” 

Mirrorball will run throughout the whole summer, so be sure to take that Instagram-perfect selfie before it’s too late. 

The Amazing Brentwood

Address: 4567 Lougheed Hw

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