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Burnaby hockey player behind alleged skate-kick has long history of penalties

Brandon Gee-Moore has an average of three minutes of penalty time per game played. Others on the ice that night had a combined average of 40 seconds.

By Dustin Godfrey | August 5, 2022 |1:42 pm

The hockey player who was recently suspended for allegedly kicking another player in the head with his skate has a long history of penalties in the Adult Safe Hockey League.

Brandon Gee-Moore is listed on the ASHL game summary as having received a five-minute major for head contact roughing, a five-minute match penalty, and a 10-minute game misconduct for head contact roughing, along with a game ejection in the July 29 game between Grizznasty and the Hotshots.

Video of the incident was posted on social media and received widespread attention, with even US media outlets reporting on it.

A prominent Burnaby realtor shares the name Brandon Gee-Moore. Re/Max, the realty firm he works for, declined to comment, citing a police investigation, and would not confirm whether they were the same individual. The Beacon has not been able to verify that he is the same Brandon Gee-Moore.

Calls and emails to the realtor have also not been returned.

The realtor’s Instagram profile appears to have been taken offline, while Google reviews of his service have been bombed with references to the July 29 incident.

According to league statistics, Gee-Moore, who has mostly played with the team Grizznasty since his first games in the league in the 2019/20 winter season, has a total of 144 penalty minutes out of 47 games played.

That’s a total of more than three minutes per game. A single minor penalty typically incurs two minutes in the penalty box.

Records for each player who attended the July 29 game indicate that’s far from average.

Gee-Moore’s team, Grizznasty, had a total of 300 games played between all players, with a total of 379 penalty minutes served, or about one minute and 15 seconds per game.

The Hotshots, by contrast, had a total of 1,799 games played between all players on the ice on July 29, with a total of 1,178 penalty minutes. That’s just about 40 seconds per game played.

Looking at both teams combined, between 2,099 games played, the players on the ice that night have served a total of 1,557 minutes of penalty time, or about 45 seconds per game.

Burnaby RCMP told the Beacon this week that it is investigating the incident, while the ASHL said the player will receive “supplemental discipline” in line with their rule book.

According to its website, Gee-Moore is suspended indefinitely.

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Dustin Godfrey

Reporter at Burnaby Beacon

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