The Haunted Halloween Adventure send you on a quest where you'll battle orcs, trolls, and werewolves. (Supplied/ The Empty Chest)

Orcs, trolls, and werewolves, oh my! An immersive haunted Halloween quest comes to Burnaby

Burnaby is in for a spooktacular October! đź‘»

By Burnaby Beacon Staff | September 13, 2022 |5:00 am

Burnaby is in for a spooktacular October, as a new Halloween event promising an immersive, haunted quest comes to town.

The Haunted Halloween Adventure takes place at Warner Loat Park and invites participants to solve the mystery of missing villagers while having to fight off a terrifying barrage of orcs. You can also enjoy a variety of other spooky games and visit the village tavern for some good food, drinks, and merriment.

Tourism Burnaby told the Beacon that the event is essentially an “open-world video game come to life,” and the experience is known as “live-action gaming.”


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Folks will start out by entering the haunted village to begin the quest at the tavern (Steamworks Brewery), but don’t get too comfortable because you’ll soon embark on a series of challenges.

You may have to help a prisoner escape, rob the wealthy, or play a game with Vikings. Eventually, you’ll have to face orcs, werewolves, and trolls. The quest will involve archery, axe throwing, and many more exciting elements that will keep participants on their toes.


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The Haunted Halloween Adventure is organized by The Empty Chest, a non-profit society that focuses on providing interactive theatre and adventure attractions to guests, and is sponsored by Tourism Burnaby and Steamworks Brewing Co.  The event will take place from Oct. 21 to 31, and more info and tickets can be found here. Please note, that this is a 19+ event, however, organizers said that if older children are interested, their parents or guardians should reach out to see if exceptions can be made.

Tourism Burnaby noted the event will be part of the Burnaby Halloween Festival, and more details about that event will be released very soon.

The Haunted Halloween Adventure 

Where: Warner Loat Park, 4252 Piper Ave., Burnaby
When: Oct. 21 to 31, 2022
Tickets: Available online 

Burnaby Beacon Staff

Burnaby Beacon staff.

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