An iced mint latte with matcha cheesecake from Hiel Cafe (@hiel_cafe / Instagram)

5 cafes perfect for studying in Burnaby

If you're needing an excuse to go to a cafe and study, this is it.

By Marco Ovies | April 28, 2022 |5:00 am

With the summer semester quickly approaching, university students will be looking for places to grab a refreshing drink and get some work done.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere with lots of seats or just a place with yummy treats, these are our five recommendations for where to sit down, put your headphones in, and enjoy a good cafe study session.

Juillet Cafe


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Not only does Juillet Cafe offer delicious drinks and yummy brunch options, but there is also plenty of space to sit down and get a little bit of work done. Don’t be fooled by how small it looks, this cafe has packed as much seating as possible inside. Additionally, there are plenty of options to keep you caffeinated like espresso frappes, caramel macchiatos, and Spanish lattes.

Address: 4341 North Road, Burnaby

La Forêt


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La Forêt is one of the largest cafes in Burnaby. How large is it? Well, you can ask the giant banana tree growing in the middle of the cafe. Not only do they have plenty of space to study, but they have some delicious items on the menu. From bacon mushroom cream rigatoni to chicken and waffles made with squid ink, there are plenty of unique food options for you to try while you plug away at your essay.

Address: 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby

Standing Egg Coffee

@burnabybeacon Have you ever heard of Crowaffles? You can get them at this Burnaby Cafe #burnabyeats #burnabyfood #burnabyfoodie #burnabybeacon #burnaby #standingegg ♬ This Food – raspberrysounds

This is another cafe that has plenty of space for you to meet up with some friends and get some studying done. Standing Egg Coffee is a “coffee laboratory” that is best known for its cold brew Dutch coffee which is smooth, delicious, and made in-house in a contraption that looks straight out of a mad scientist’s laboratory. They also recently added “crowaffles” to the menu which are croissants cooked in a waffle maker!

Address: #109-4501 North Rd, Burnaby

Hiel Cafe


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Treat yourself to some delicious goodies from Hiel Cafe. Plants are everywhere and they have all of your typical coffee offerings, but the food is what should draw you in. Specifically, their soufflé pancakes are to die for. They come in either original, matcha, or creme brûlée flavours and all are delicious. You deserve a treat after studying so hard anyways (or pretending to study at least).

Address: 7885 6th St, Burnaby

Cafe 106


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Cafe 106 has everything you need from a cafe. Yummy coffee, tasty pastries, and a place to sit down and crack open your books. We’d recommend trying their Nutella latte with a basil pesto chicken breast sandwich. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Address: 6588 Royal Oak Ave Unit 106, Burnaby

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