Burnaby City Hall. (Dustin Godfrey)

City of Burnaby to introduce COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all employees

All staff, including city council, will have to be fully vaccinated by Nov 29.



October 27, 2021 | 3:26 pm

The City of Burnaby will soon require all of its employees and representatives—including city council—to receive both of their COVID vaccinations by the end of next month, the Beacon has learned.

A memo sent to city staff on Wednesday morning states that the City of Burnaby COVID-19 vaccination policy will be introduced next week.

The email, sent by chief administrative officer Leon Gous, adds that the implementation of the policy is intended to align efforts and support the province’s pandemic response.

The policy will require city staff and representatives to be fully vaccinated by Nov 29. Those who are not fully vaccinated by that date will need to comply with the city’s COVID test screening program. The city told the Beacon that more details around this screening program would be announced soon.

The email adds more information about the new policy will be provided soon with further details to come around the “vaccination validation process.”

Simran Singh

Managing Editor at Burnaby Beacon

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