Cup and Bun Cafe will be your next favourite cozy coffee shop. (Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon)

This cozy Burnaby cafe is perfect to escape the rainy day blues

Cup and Bun Cafe is a Burnaby Heights hidden gem tucked away along Hastings serving classic cafe staples like soups, sandwiches, and coffee.



October 28, 2022 | 5:00 am

Burnaby is home to many great cafes, but some lack the cozy vibe that you need on a rainy day. But that’s what makes Cup and Bun Cafe and Grocery Store the perfect stop for your next coffee craving. With comfy seats, chill vibes, and delicious food and drinks, it’ll be your next favourite coffee spot.

You can immediately feel how cozy it is the second you walk in. There are comfortable chairs against the walls and windows and the place is filled with plants. The drink menu is displayed on the wall and offers your typical coffee shop options. You won’t find anything fancier than a latte or a mocha here, but they know how to make the classics well. You can, of course, add flavoured syrups to your drink like vanilla or hazelnut. And for those who prefer plant-based milk alternatives, you’ll be happy to know the cafe carries oat milk as well.

Cup and Bun Cafe
Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon

The food menu is displayed on the counter and also has typical cafe offerings like sandwiches and soups. Each of their sandwiches comes with a side of green salad and you can add the daily selection of soup for just an extra $2. When we visited we decided to try the breakfast sandwich, and we promise it did not disappoint.

Cup and Bun Cafe
Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon

The sandwich felt elevated in comparison to some of the other cafes in the area. It came with bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, arugula, and a spicy mustard, all on a brioche pun with poppyseeds. It was one of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever had at a cafe (and if you know the Burnaby Beacon, you know we’ve been to a lot of cafes). The cheese was perfectly melty and the bread was fresh and soft.

We visited on a Thursday at around noon and there were two or three other people in the cafe. If you plan on visiting on a weekend, we might suggest going a bit earlier to beat the crowd and guarantee a seat. Internet is available in the form of ShawOpen and Telus Guest WiFi, and there were plenty of seats for such a small tucked-away store, making this a great spot to escape to get work done.

Cup and Bun Cafe
Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon

The staff was also incredibly friendly—we had a conversation about my camera while I tried to not make it too obvious I was sneakily taking pictures of the place and filming a TikTok video. This was our first time visiting, but we immediately felt like regulars.

As the name suggests, there is also a grocery store inside Cup and Bun Cafe and Grocery Store selling all sorts of pantry goods. It carries canned goods, spices, rice, and some specialty goods that might be difficult to find elsewhere. When you visit ,we’d encourage you to take a look through the store and see what it has to offer.

Overall, Cup and Bun Cafe and Grocery Store is another great Burnaby hidden gem. With friendly staff, plenty of seats, and great-tasting food and drinks, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit. Cup and Bun Cafe and Grocery Store is open daily from 8am to 7pm.

Marco Ovies

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