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CUPE 23 tight-lipped about president re-election process

The union representing City of Burnaby staff voted in the spring for its executive board. Now it's redoing the process for the president.

By Dustin Godfrey | August 31, 2022 |5:00 am

CUPE Local 23 is staying tight-lipped about redoing its election for the position of president.

The union representing City of Burnaby municipal workers initially held an election for its executive board in the spring, with seven positions being contested. (Other positions were acclaimed, according to the union’s website.)

That included president, outside second vice-chair, inside first vice-chair, inside second vice-chair, and foremen second vice-chair, along with two “precarious workers at large” positions.

On April 21, the union posted the election results online, which included the re-election of Bruce Campbell as president.

But on July 14, the union posted an update:

“As you know, the elections committee is in the process of planning a re-election for the position of president,” reads the notice, signed by returning officer John Neilson.

“We continue to work with the local’s administrative staff to ensure that our database is effectively updated and reflective of all Local 23 members. We will provide updates as matters progress and re-election details when they become available.”

The notice doesn’t say exactly what led to the re-election call, or why the election is only being redone for the position of president.

The July 14 post is the latest—and only—information that has been provided publicly on the matter.

And in an email to Burnaby Beacon last week, CUPE’s national office said the larger union “provides general support to our local unions on a wide variety of matters.”

“However, the local union is responsible for conducting their own elections and as such we will defer to Local 23 for comment on their election,” the union said, linking to the July notice posted on the CUPE 23 website.

Burnaby Beacon reached out twice to the CUPE 23 office for comment and was told staff would pass the request to the local’s executive committee for comment.

However, the Beacon’s calls were never returned.

Dustin Godfrey

Reporter at Burnaby Beacon

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