eF & Be Bakehouse brings Japanese baked goods to Burnaby (Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon)

This Burnaby bakehouse is serving fresh melon pan cakes to order

eF & Be Bakehouse has an assortment of different sweet and savoury Japanese pastries for you to try.

By Marco Ovies | May 20, 2022 |11:09 am

If you’ve never ordered from eF & Be Bakehouse before then you’re missing out. They make some of the best melon pan cakes in Burnaby. They’re soft, chewy, and filled with delicious custard and fruit. It’s difficult just to stop at one.

Their melon pan cakes come in three different flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and matcha. We’re particularly a fan of the matcha variety, but all three were delicious. They’re best eaten the same day they are picked up but also come with instructions on how to reheat them from frozen.

eF & Be Bakehouse
Matcha, chocolate, and vanilla melon pan cakes (Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon)

But sweets aren’t the only thing that eF & Be is known for. They also serve savoury varieties as well like their Butter Chicken Pan and Mochieese — which is our personal favourite. There is just a subtle sweetness that comes from the bread that perfectly compliments the savoury filling. Not only is Mochieese the best portmanteau on their menu, but it is stuffed with mochi and mozzarella cheese, which creates an ooey-gooey centre.

If you’re not a fan of spice, don’t worry because the Butter Chicken Pan is not spicy at all. We would have never thought to put butter chicken into a melon pan but it surprisingly works.

eF & Be Bakehouse
Butter Chicken Pan and Mochieese (Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon)


eF and Be Bakehouse is the work of Fumie Meguro. She moved from Japan to Canada in 2005 and brought her love of Japanese baking with her. She first started serving her delicious melon pan to customers at Baker and Table Cafe in Vancouver back in 2017 and has never looked back. Now, she operates eF & Be by not only baking these treats but also delivering them as well.

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You can order your own melon pan cakes through eF & Be’s website and can pick them up in either Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, or at their kitchen in Burnaby. eF & Be does not have a storefront and only takes orders online. They also serve different treats depending on the season so be sure to regularly check their website.

eF & Be Bakehouse

Address: 5279 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby

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