Fire on 57th floor of Lougheed development quickly doused

Construction workers had already doused the flames by the time fire crews arrived on scene, and firefighters confirmed the fire was out.

By Dustin Godfrey | June 23, 2022 |2:52 pm

A small fire atop a 57-storey tower under construction was quickly put out by crews on scene and confirmed to be out by responding firefighters.

Assistant fire chief Mark Forsberg said the tower was on the site of the City of Lougheed mall at 9500 Austin Ave, and social media posts show black smoke billowing from the roof of the tower.

Forsberg said flammable material is believed to have come into contact with a torch being used on the roof deck.

No one was injured, and Forsberg said construction workers were able to douse the fire by the time firefighters had responded, though fire crews still went up to the top floor to confirm.

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Dustin Godfrey

Reporter at Burnaby Beacon

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