A police vehicle responding the the incident at Metrotown on Friday afternoon (Srushti Gangdev/ Burnaby Beacon)

Here’s what we know so far about the Metrotown police incident

Police remain on scene at Metrotown mall following a chaotic afternoon.

By Simran Singh | October 1, 2021 |6:10 pm

Burnaby RCMP remains on scene at Metropolis at Metrotown following still unconfirmed reports of shots being fired in the mall this afternoon.

Just after 2:30 pm, TransLink tweeted that Metrotown SkyTrain station was closed due to a police incident.

A following update from Burnaby RCMP clarified that police were also at the scene in Metrotown mall working to evacuate patrons and staff and conducting a search, stating that “there are unconfirmed reports of shots being fired.”

The situation at Metrotown Skytrain station was related to a pipe bomb threat.

The Beacon’s Srushti Gangdev was reporting live from the scene this afternoon, where she described the confusion and panic as patrons were being evacuated out of the mall.

Witnesses told the Beacon that an announcement over the PA system told people to evacuate but didn’t tell them why, and that police burst into the mall with guns drawn shouting at them to leave immediately. There was chaos inside the mall as people ran to evacuate, and witnesses said there was a general sense of panic.

Thousands of people milled around on Central Ave beside the library for several hours after being evacuated, and on the other side of the mall beside Walmart.

At some point, a group of people standing outside the library—close by to our Beacon reporter—were apparently spooked by something and started running, causing more panic, but there didn’t seem to be any incident there.

Just after 4 pm, Metro Vancouver Transit Police cleared Metrotown Skytrain station of the pipe bomb threat, telling the Beacon they had found no evidence of a bomb. The station and bus loop has since. “Expect delays as service returns to regular. Millennium Line and Canada Line are unaffected,”  tweeted TransLink around 6:20pm.

Shortly after, RCMP confirmed on Twitter police are still in the mall conducting a search related to the unconfirmed reports of shots fired.

“There are no reported injuries, and there is no evidence of an active threat. We are ensuring the area is safe,” said Burnaby RCMP.

Transit Police confirmed to the Beacon that the explosives team left the scene at the SkyTrain station.

Just before 6:30pm, Burnaby RCMP confirmed that RCMP members and the Emergency Response Team are clearing the area of Metrotown.

“The threat that caused the evacuation today is believed to be unfounded,” stated police on Twitter. The mall will remain closed to the public Friday night.

With files from Srushti Gangdev. 

Simran Singh

Managing Editor at Burnaby Beacon

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