Burnaby's Korea Town Centre has some of the best Korean products in the city (@kimskorean.wnp; @onggi_korean_cuisine / Instagram)

Here are the best spots to visit at Burnaby’s Korea Town Centre

From books to groceries, Burnaby's Korea Town Centre has it all!

By Marco Ovies | June 2, 2022 |5:00 am

Burnaby’s Korea Town Centre is full of different shops selling all sorts of Korean products and food. From bookstores to cafes, they’ve got it all. Here’s our list of some of the must-visit places in Burnaby’s Korea Town Centre.


Mr. Paris Bakery (The Bread House)


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If you’re looking for some delicious baked goods be sure to head over to Mr. Paris Bakery (also known as The Bread House). They’re best known for their cream donuts that come in four flavours: matcha, earl grey, multigrain and tiramisu. They also serve beautiful cakes in many different varieties like their cappuccino cake and blueberry chiffon.

Standing Egg Coffee

We’ve raved about Standing Egg Coffee before and we’re ready to do it again. They have the absolute cutest macaroon selection, with different themes depending on the time of year. But their claim to fame is their cold brew Dutch coffee which is made in-house in a contraption that looks straight out of a mad scientist’s laboratory. Trust us when we say you need to visit.

Kim’s Korean Waffles & Pancakes

Kim’s Korean Waffles & Pancakes is a food cart that is typically set up beside the HanNam Supermarket. They sell some of the best taiyaki in Burnaby. For those unfamiliar with taiyaki, they are fish-shaped cakes that are typically filled with red bean paste. But you can also get other fillings like their Boston Creme filled with Crème Bavarois or their savoury mixed vegetable variation.

Today’s Books Canada


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Today’s Books has a huge selection of all sorts of different Korean literature. If you’re having problems finding a very specific Korean book online, then Today’s Books probably has it. From fiction to non-fiction, they have it all.

Onggi Korean Cuisine

We’d call this restaurant a hidden gem because it’s actually hidden away and you wouldn’t be able to see it from the parking lot. It’s located inside the doors of Burnaby’s Korea Town Centre and is immediately to your left when you enter. They have an amazing lunch special which consists of nine different dishes all for $17.75. But be sure you arrive early because the restaurant fills up very quickly for lunch.

Sulbing Cafe


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If you’re a fan of shaved ice then you’ll love the bingsu which is a Korean dessert made with shaved ice. It typically includes chopped fruit, condensed milk, and other sweet toppings. Sulbing Cafe has plenty of different bingsu options like their Mango Cheese topped with mango and pieces of cheesecake.

HanNam Supermarket

We mentioned HanNam Supermarket a little earlier, but we needed to do it justice and give HanNam its own entry in our list of must-visit places in Burnaby’s Korea Town Centre. This should be your go-to spot for any Korean products you may need. Whether it be Korean snacks or items to make your favourite Korean dish, HanNam will have it!

Korea Town Centre

Address: 4501 North Rd, Burnaby

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