Police investigate Burnaby hockey brawl involving alleged skate to face kick

The alleged incident took place at Scotia Barn on July 29, where a video appears to show a player being kicked in the face with a skate.

By Curtis Seufert | August 4, 2022 |5:00 pm

Burnaby RCMP is currently investigating an alleged assault that took place during a beer league hockey game at Scotia Barn (formerly 8 Rinks) in Burnaby on July 29.

A video circulating on social media shows the incident, which involves a player kicking another player in the face with his skate during a game.

The incident takes place on the ground near the end of a fight that referees appear to be breaking up. As a player returns to his knees near the end of the fight, he appears to be kicked by another player, before covering his face with his hand and going prone.

In a statement from Burnaby RCMP to the Beacon, police said that they’re investigating the “circumstances and actions which led to the player’s injuries”, which required medical treatment.

Police say the incident was reported on Aug. 2, and that investigators are still in the process of speaking with players and witnesses. Police also say they’re in possession of video showing the incident and which has been collected as evidence.

ASHL issues statement

The Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) has issued a statement regarding the incident, saying the behaviour in the video “in no way aligns with the values of our league and the rules of the game.”

According to the statement, the player was issued a match penalty and game ejection, as well as being indefinitely suspended. The statement also says the player will receive “supplemental discipline” in line with their rule book.

The ASHL said it acknowledges that the “total prevention of incidents like this is not possible,” and it will “continue to ensure such incidents are treated with appropriate supplemental discipline, including the potential for a player to be permanently expelled from the league.”

Curtis Seufert

Curtis is a summer editorial intern with Burnaby Beacon.

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