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What to do around Burnaby’s Royal Oak Station

You don't need to leave the city to find something fun to do.

By Marco Ovies | September 12, 2022 |5:00 am

Burnaby has so much going on that you don’t need to leave the city to do something fun. We’re highlighting some of the best things to do in Burnaby, starting with Royal Oak Station. So whether you’re looking for your next makeover, your artistic calling, or just want to drink too much coffee, here are our picks.

Go on a cafe crawl

Did you know there are three great cafes within a minute of each other right by Royal Oak Station? We’d recommend starting at Something Sweet, which makes some of the best egg sandwiches. We’d also recommend ordering one of the coconut lattes with it, which come with the cutest little bear made out of sugar. Afterwards, you can head over to Camilla Tea and Coffee for one of its famous (at least according to us) iced coffee floats. If you’re not sick of coffee at this point, you can head next door to Ki Cafe, which is a manga cafe. You can relax by reading one of the many different mangas available. Or, you can enjoy some of the delicious food on the menu like the Shimeji Garden Toast or the Okonomiyaki Waffle. The Shimeji Garden Toast comes with roasted oyster and shimeji mushrooms, tossed arugula, yuzu tapenade, house-made miso mayonnaise, and onsen egg, all on top of focaccia toast. The waffle on the other hand is savoury, based on the Japanese street food of the safe name. It has a cabbage and egg base, with Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, green onion, seaweed, and ginger.

Let out your artistic side

Ever wanted to learn an instrument? There’s a music school right by Royal Oak Station. Una Culture Fine Arts Centre offers classes for those wanting to learn piano, violin, voice, music theory, or even guzheng. It also offers classes for kids if your little one wants to pick up an instrument. If music isn’t your thing, you can also take the fine art course.

Not an artist? Get your kids into art instead

The Young Artist Place is the best place to send your young artist (well, it’s in the name so it has to be true). They offer programs throughout the year like drawing, painting, mixed media, sewing, comics, manga, digital art, acrylic painting, private lessons, and much more. This small art studio is a welcoming place for young artists of all levels. You can register for classes by visiting the website.

Enjoy a show

The Michael J Fox Theatre is just over a five-minute walk from Royal Oak Station and offers plenty of different shows. It hosts live music, dance performances, and plays. You can check the Michael J Fox Theatre website for a full list of events it’s hosting.

Time for a makeover

K-Side Hair Salon is located just minutes away from Royal Oak Station. It has glowing reviews online and promises to give you a great haircut. Not sure what you want? You can call to book an appointment and the staff will find the style that’s best suited for you.

Go for an outdoor swim

Just a quick 10-minute walk from Royal Oak Station is Lewarne Park, which is home to the MacPherson Outdoor Pool. It has six lanes, a one-metre diving board, men’s and women’s change rooms and shower houses, and a wading pool. Outdoor pools are currently closed for the season but will be making a return in the warmer months. You can check the City of Burnaby website for a swim schedule.

Marco Ovies

Marco Ovies is Burnaby Beacon's Lifestyle Reporter Creator focusing on all things food, events, and fun things happening in the city.

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