We teamed up with the New West Anchor to show the best food spots along 6th st. (Ria Renouf / New West Anchor; @hiel_cafe / Instagram)

From Burnaby to New West: six spots along 6th St. to enjoy a meal

Our From 6th to 6th series focuses on some of the awesome offerings between the two cities.



November 4, 2022 | 5:00 am

It’s common for New Westies to visit Burnabarians, and vice versa—so what better way to share the mutual love for each other’s cities than to team up with our sister publication, the New West Anchor, and showcase some great spaces to live, work, and play?

This inaugural edition of From 6th to 6th includes three spots from Burnaby and three spots in New West you must try for some delicious food and drink. 

Indian Bombay Bistro

@indianbombaybistro / Instagram

This is the first stop on our list (because it’s at the top of the hill, and we are not a fan of walking uphill). This spot has some of the best Indian food in Burnaby with different classic dishes like butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. If you’re visiting we’d recommend ordering the Indian Bombay Bistro Dinner. It comes with one plain naan, your choice of lamb kebab, a small order of chicken tikka, a small order of tandoori chicken, and chicken curry or yellow dal fry. For $29.95 you’ll definitely be full. 

Address: 7558 6th St, Burnaby

FusionCore Japanese Eatery

@fusioncorecan / Instagram

Our managing editor Simran Singh would have been very upset if we didn’t include this entry. Walking downhill from Bombay Indian Bistro you’ll find FusionCore Japanese Eatery on the same side of the street in a small shopping complex. They specialize in unique sushi creations and trust us when we say it did not disappoint. We ordered an assortment of classic rolls like their chopped scallop and negihama roll (which was recommended on their website) and both were fresh and tasty. 

We also gave in and tried their recommended chicken gristle karaage. For those who have never had gristle before it might be an acquired texture to get, but the batter was crispy and the gristle was perfectly cooked. It was the perfect side dish that was both unique but also tasted familiar. You can’t go wrong with anything chicken karaage. 

Address: 7894 6th St, Burnaby

Hiel Cafe

@hiel_cafe / Instagram

We’re sure you’ve driven past this cute cafe many times. Right at the crossroads between Burnaby and New Westminster is Hiel Cafe in the round-shaped store on the corner. Inside there are plenty of plants and large windows to let in a lot of natural light. There’s free WiFi for those looking for a spot to settle down after eating all of that food (or if you’re like us and looking for a spot to write this very article while trying to fight off a food coma). 

They have a large menu with plenty of different options. We’d recommend trying their souffle pancakes which are giant and super delicious. When we visited we, unfortunately. didn’t have the space to even attempt to eat it. But trust us when we say we’ve seen babies smaller than these pancakes. 

We got the shrimp and smoked salmon sandwich with an Irish latte and both were great. But there is such a large variety of food items on their menu. From brunch classics to even poke, we know there will be something on here that you’ll like. 

Address: 7885 6th St, Burnaby

Sushi Well

Ria Renouf / New West Anchor

Once you cross 10th Street, head a few blocks past New Westminster Secondary, past the Esso and the Wendy’s, and you’ll find Sushi Well—again, another one Simran would have killed us for not including. Known for its patented pink rice, the menu is extensive: if you’re not into raw fish, it serves a delicious Ebi (shrimp) Katsu meal. We enjoyed the crunch on the breaded shrimp—which perfectly insulated the sweet, juicy shrimp on the inside. 

As for the rolls, the only problem at Sushi Well we had was figuring out which ones to order. The menu includes traditional maki, like California and Dynamite, but the special rolls are the ones to watch out for. Don’t leave without getting the tiger prawn roll, and if you’re really hungry give the Okonomi special roll a try: this massive roll includes bacon, your choice of spicy salmon or tuna, imitation crab, and avocado—and it eats like a meal, as we learned after ordering and eating it. Sorry, not sorry. 

Address: 620 6th St, New Westminster

Co Chau

Ria Renouf / New West Anchor

While we’re going slightly off 6th Street for this one, you won’t be disappointed: this authentic Vietnamese restaurant is considered a hidden Uptown New West gem. Co Chau serves up incredible bowls of pho and refreshing salad rolls, but we couldn’t stop raving about its beautiful spring rolls.

Diners can choose between a pork or veggie filling, but no matter your choice you’ll be treated to crispy, deep-fried goodness: four glistening spring rolls split beautifully on a bamboo serving plate. 

We also love the meat skewers. While you can choose from chicken, beef, and pork, don’t sleep on the prawn: its smoky, juicy flavours will tempt you to put in another order. 

Address: 522 6th Ave, New Westminster

Dakasi Canada

Ria Renouf / New West Anchor

Rounding off our crawl is Dakasi Tea, which opened its first location in Taiwan in 1990. Since then, it’s popped up in Thailand and the Philippines, and opened its first Canadian location in New Westminster. 

Two years on, this has not only become a destination for milk tea, but for some pretty delectable desserts—including cheese tarts, and Basque and souffle style cheesecakes. 

If you’re a bubble tea lover, one of the more than 60 drinks is sure to satisfy your craving. You can also opt for toppings like aloe, red bean, and lychee jelly. Dakasi’s rewards program includes a variety of perks, from free drinks to its adorable bubble tea plushies.

Address: 406 6th St, New Westminster

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