This tucked away hiking trail is perfect for a quick escape from the city (Marco Ovies / Burnaby Beacon)

Explore Burnaby: Check out this spring hike you can do in the heart of the city

Robert Burnaby Park has loads of different trails for hikers of all experience levels

By Marco Ovies | March 22, 2022 |10:55 am

Looking for a spring hike to do in Burnaby? We recommend heading to Robert Burnaby Park.

Located at 8155 Wedgewood St on the east side of the city, this park does not look like it would be hiding a hike, but it has loads of different trails, with the main path being the Robert Burnaby Park Loop.

The trail is around 2 km long and should take about 40 minutes to complete. While this is one of the easier hikes you can do in the Lower Mainland, you should be prepared to do some climbing. Part of the trail has a couple of sections with stairs and other parts are a bit hilly with some steeper inclines, meaning it’s not accessible for strollers or those in a wheelchair.

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When you’re on the path you won’t believe how removed you feel from the city. Despite the north end of the park being located right next to the Trans Canada Highway, the sound of cars will disappear right as you leave the parking lot and you’ll be surrounded by nothing but a forested canopy and the sound of birds chirping. Leashed dogs are welcomed on the trail and there is even an off-leash area for them in the park.

Burnaby spring hike
Robert Burnaby Park map/ City of Burnaby

When you’re done the hike, the park has plenty of activities to do to help you wind down. There is a playground for the kids,  a disc golf course, a tennis and pickleball court, a baseball diamond, and a swimming pool open in the summer. Public washrooms are available on site.

Be sure to head down to Robert Burnaby Park as one of your first spring activities this year.

Robert Burnaby Park

Address: 8155 Wedgewood St

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