October 1, 2021

Tribunal finds Trans Mountain stop work order was reasonable—mostly

The Crown corporation suggested the Environment and Climate Change Canada officer was influenced by members of the public, but the tribunal disagreed

September 23, 2021

RCMP removes tree-sits removed from TMX path

A pair of "sky pods" were blocking Trans Mountain pipeline expansion work in the Brunette River area of Burnaby

September 18, 2021

Opinion: Federal election impels candidates’ moral obligation to cancel TMX

After a summer of wildfires and an unprecedented heat dome, we've all felt the devastating effects of the climate crisis. Building the TMX through Burnaby's creeks, rivers and Conservation Areas fans the flames of this emergency.

September 13, 2021

Confrontation looms large at TMX tree sit protest

After a stop-work order was lifted on Trans Mountain expansion work in Burnaby's Brunette River area, authorities will now need to remove tree sitters for the work to continue.