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December 14, 2021

Modelling expert says with Omicron around the corner, BC is behind on rapid tests

An independent modelling expert in BC says she’s pleased that the province has begun speaking “more positively” about the use of rapid antigen testing to detect COVID—but it’s put BC behind in dealing with the Omicron variant.

December 14, 2021

“Paranoia on another level”: Burnaby resident details agony of months-long bedbug infestation

Katya told the Beacon her mental health has seriously suffered as a result of the never-ending infestation. Her empty apartment aside, she’s been dealing with bites and itchiness on her legs, arms, and face.

December 14, 2021

Why it took two years to fill a role on E-Comm board of directors

It's about who is represented at the table—not just on the E-Comm board but in all governance

December 13, 2021

Why Metrotown’s Rainforest Cafe still matters 20 years later

“It was sensory overload in the best way.”

December 10, 2021

On the agenda: Here’s what to expect at Burnaby’s Dec 13 city council meeting

What's on the agenda at the next Burnaby city council meeting? Here are the Beacon's highlights.

December 10, 2021

BC’s chief coroner ‘increasingly frustrated’ as toxic drug deaths rise

As of Oct 31, Burnaby has seen 61 toxic drug deaths this year, among 1,782 thoughout BC

December 9, 2021

Federal government should reconsider TMX in the wake of massive floods: lawyer

Continuing to push the pipeline through is "insanity," says Eugene Kung, staff lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law.

December 8, 2021

Should Trans Mountain get to bypass a Burnaby fire safety bylaw?

The city's rules are stricter than the building code's around fire access lanes—but Trans Mountain says the provincial regulations should suffice

December 8, 2021

SFU students, faculty march down Burnaby Mtn in protest of TMX expansion

About 150 people, many of them SFU students, marched down Burnaby Mountain yesterday in protest of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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