12 dessert spots in Burnaby you need to try

Whether you’re looking for that sweet, sweet relief from the summer heat, or just a fun pick-me-up on a bad day, we’ve got your back. There are a few local favourites that made our previous list for the best coffee in Burnaby, such as Fondway Cafe and La Forêt, but there’s plenty more to try!

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This vintage ice cream shop in Burnaby Heights is a highly-rated local favourite. Its indulgent sundaes and milkshakes pair perfectly with the retro decor, and its wide selection of sodas will have you planning the next visit almost immediately.

Address: 4090 Hastings Street

The Burnaby location for this popular pie chain lives up to its name. The pies are made using locally sourced ingredients, and they also offer vegan and gluten-free options. If you’re looking for something less traditional, check out its top-selling Fat Elvis Pie and Vietnamese Coffee Pie!

Address: 7832 6th Street

Located in Burnaby Heights, this Swiss patisserie is known for its decadent and beautiful desserts, which are accompanied by delicious handcrafted drinks.

Address: 4717 Hastings Street

This Korean bingsu joint is well-known amongst those who crave that creamy, icy treat. From traditional Korean flavours like injeolmi and red bean, to refreshing fruity options such as mango and strawberry, it’s the perfect place to hide from the summer heat. If you’re in the mood for something less icy, check out their lava bread!

Address: 4697 Kingsway

This beautifully decorated cafe in Royal Oak has a manga wall that looks straight out of Animal Crossing. It offers delicious Japanese treats including souffle cheesecakes, baked cheese tarts, and omurice, along with a wide selection of drinks. For ARMYs, Ki Cafe is currently selling adorable BT21 & BTS macarons with flavours including dalgona crunch, rose lychee, and Thai tea, so pre-order them before they’re gone!

Address: 105-6888 Royal Oak Avenue

Tucked into the entrance of Crystal Mall, this bubble tea shop also sells specialty bubble waffles. Adding a twist to this popular Hong Kong street treat, the matcha mochi waffle adds a level of decadence to the crispy and fluffy original. For those craving savoury treats, Cafe Eggstatic also has savoury options such as bacon & cheese and cheese & pork floss bubble waffles.

Address: Suite 1021, The Crystal Mall (4500 Kingsway)

Many locals will remember the viral puppy cake from Sweethoney Dessert, but that’s not all that they have to offer! This Hong Kong-style dessert place near Royal Oak has an extensive selection of sweet treats – from sweet sesame soup to fresh mango pancakes, there is something for everyone.

Address: 5358 Grimmer Street

For those unfamiliar with wheel cakes, they’re a popular treat in Japan and Taiwan made of batter and delicious fillings such as adzuki beans or vanilla custard. For a creative twist on traditional flavours, check out their pearl custard wheel cake.

Address: 6969 Gilley Avenue

Started in 2014, Gary’s Patisserie specializes in 3D birthday cakes, wedding cakes, crepe cakes, dairy-free cakes, and a variety of Asian and Western-style pastries. Please note, the shop does not have a store-front and operates out of a commissary kitchen called YVR Prep.

Address: 5279 Still Creek Avenue

Looking for delicious French pastries with ingenious flavour combos? Head to Metrotown and check out Mon Paris! Their cakes are beautifully decorated and their pastries are perfectly buttery and flakey. They also have a wide range of flavours for their chocolates, so give them a try!

Address: 4396 Beresford Street

Punk Rock Pasteries’ mission is to make desserts that are worth talking about. From Baby Yoda cakes to cookies with cheeky messages, this is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for sweets with a twist.

Address: 5548 Hastings Street

A family-owned and operated bakery for over 40 years, Fortuna specializes in beautiful cakes, pastries, and fresh bread. You’ll also be able to find a variety of European deli items at the shop as well.

Address: 4240 Hastings Street