Burnaby breaks ground on new RCMP detachment

Construction is officially underway

It is finally happening; the city broke ground on the new RCMP detachment project it has been planning for years. The new detachment is definitely overdue; Burnaby’s current RCMP detachment was built in 1967. 

“It’s old; it was built in the 1960s not as an RCMP detachment, but as a courthouse,” James Lota, general manager of lands and facilities for the city, told the Beacon three months ago. “There’s more need now, as the city has grown since the 1960s, and its requirements for policing, so now is the time to build a new home.”

Mayor Mike Hurley, city councillors, and Burnaby RCMP representatives broke ground on the new RCMP detachment on June 25.

“This project fills an important role in ensuring the Burnaby RCMP can continue to deliver community safety services at the high level our residents have come to expect, now and as our city grows,” Hurley said. “Our local police have long outgrown their existing space, and we are moving quickly to build a facility that will support exceptional policing in our city.” 

Burnaby’s mayor, councillors, city staff and RCMP members attended the ground-breaking ceremony on June 25 for the Burnaby RCMP new detachment. Photo: City of Burnaby

The new detachment is one of the city’s most significant projects, with an expected cost of $229,304,083. Lota said that the new location will be on city-owned land, which was previously used as a temporary works yard. Lota added that the new location has another advantage: it has better access to the freeway, which is important for police vehicles to reach emergencies faster. The old detachment is on a side street and will remain operational during construction. 

“We are thrilled to see this project moving forward and would like to extend our appreciation to the mayor and council for their ongoing commitment to enhancing public safety in Burnaby. Having a new, purpose-built detachment will allow the Burnaby RCMP to better serve our community,” said Chief Superintendent Graham de la Gorgendiere, officer in charge of the Burnaby RCMP. 

The new RCMP detachment will be three storeys high and will have an area of 129,000 square feet. The new location will be on city-owned land at the corner of Ledger Avenue and Norland Avenue, close to the old detachment.

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