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Burnaby Readers’ Choice Awards: Best cake winners

We’re continuing with our Beacon’s Readers’ Choice Award category winners

Alright, Burnaby. We’ve announced the top restaurants from our 2023 Beacon’s Readers’ Choice Awards, presented by Tourism Burnaby. Now it’s time to highlight some more winners by category.

We’re breaking down the top three restaurant winners in each of the 32 categories included in this year’s awards, as voted by you.

Here are the winners of the best cakes in Burnaby.

First place: Chez Christophe

There are so many delicious cakes featured on Chez Christophe’s menu, it’s hard to just go with one. All delicately crafted labours of love, with several alternating layers of cake and cream present within each individual slice. Take their gianduja cerise as an example—a single slice contains layers of hazelnut chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, jaconde sponge and cherry confit.

Address: 4717 Hastings St, Burnaby

Second place: The Valley Bakery

Whether you’re looking for a casual cake to bring home for dessert or a full-blown custom celebration cake, the Valley Bakery does both. Think of classics like black forest, chocolate mousse and tiramisu all the way to a layered cake in the shape of a piano or dinosaur, embellished with edible decorations and custom writing.

Address: 4058 Hastings St, Burnaby

The cakes at Mon Paris Patisserie are a gourmand’s dream. Showcasing a beautiful array of colours and flavours, Chef Elena Krasnova is currently featuring unique creations like a glazed caramel bergamot cake, lemon mousse cake with cherry confit and a rose cake filled with a grapefruit and rosewater infused mascarpone mousse.

Address: 4396 Beresford St, Burnaby