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More books by Burnaby authors to add to your reading list

We've got some literary pioneers here in the city!

Burnaby books authors

Add these books by Burnaby authors to your reading list. Burnaby Beacon / Composite

Earlier this month, we shared a list of books by Burnaby authors you should add to your 2023 reading list—and since then, we've learned that many more of our neighbours are talented and published authors who live right here in the city!

Here's a few more local authors to give your support to when you're looking for your next good read.

burnaby authors books

S. C. Lalli / Harper Collins

"Two women, each named Sara, get into separate rideshares . . . but only one makes it home alive. Which Sara was the real target? ... In this smart, twisty novel about wealth, ambition and dangerous longing, the layers are peeled back on two young women desperate to break away from the expectations placed on them, leading to devastating results."

Are You Sara is the fifth publication by Burnaby's own S. C. Lalli (or Sonya Lalli) and her first thriller, and it's received critical praise from renowned authors like Uzma Jalaluddin and Wanda M. Morris. 

burnaby authors books

Derek Maroney / Amazon.ca

"In a world where the Vowels and Consonants live in two separate cities, communication can be tricky. Nobody seems to know how to solve this problem, until a curious Y arrives from a faraway land..."

This curious tale comes from Derek Maroney—teacher in the Burnaby School District by day, and children's author by other time of day!

burnaby authors books

D. C. Placido / Amazon.ca

"Misty Rose has trained hard, worked harder, and been crowned as the most recent champion archer in Newolde Ligdom. Tallen has almost completed his junior knight training. He has earned his armor, now he needs to earn his sword. For years the two have been exceptional at irritating each other. However after a familiar stranger makes an uninvited visit, their world is turned upside down. Now they need to become exceptional at working together..."

D. C. Placido drew the inspiration for Brim's Stone from his childhood (imaginary) adventures in small town Ontario, but he now lives in Burnaby. 

burnaby books authors

Lucia Daley / Amazon.ca

"Although still a nestling, his eyes not yet opened, Wilbur feels that he really needs more space than the crowded nest offers. Determined to reach the fresher breezes outside, Wilbur suddenly finds himself plummeting into the outside world. Exciting adventures unfold as he is rescued by Aimee and grows up as a well-loved, comical and unpredictable guest in her grandparents' apartment."

This is Burnaby resident Lucia Daley's first children's book.

burnaby authors books

W. T. Tim Cole / Submitted

"The story of a Canadian farm boy and his life's journey as a bush pilot and then as a bureaucrat, and how he found his way back to his aviation roots. This collection of stories describes the progress of Tim Cole through one half of the history of aviation in Canada..."

Tim Cole brings a fascinating perspective of Canadian aviation through this selection of personal stories.

burnaby authors books

Kamal Rai / Amazon.ca

This book is a perfect way to introduce children to basic descriptive words in Punjabi, making it great for anyone looking to raise a mini polyglot! It's written in both English and Punjabi and is written for kids to read alone or with parents, grandparents, or caregivers—so you might find yourself picking up some basic Punjabi as well.