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  • Thurs. Sept. 28: What kind of burgers does Burnaby like?

Thurs. Sept. 28: What kind of burgers does Burnaby like?

Plus: your council coverage, and an intriguing event to help shape Burnaby's future

Hey there, Burnaby—it’s Ria!

I admit I had a bit of a chuckle yesterday as I was putting this newsletter together: the piece about the burgers was what admittedly got me. I think about what my favourite burger was when I was growing up in Burnaby—it was actually the cheeseburger at the cafeteria at Alpha Secondary, circa 2007 to 2008.

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the melted cheese; perhaps it was the squishy yet sturdy bun. Nay—it was actually the patty that did it for me. Salty, a little oily, but not dry. Pair that burger with the curly fries and a bottle of Coca Cola, and I was one happy student. Mmmm….burgers.

👀 In today's edition:

🍔 What's your favourite kind of burger?

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From the planned creation of a citizens’ assembly to continuing to look ahead to Burnaby’s future, we’ve got a brief recap of what happened at city hall earlier this week.

Burnaby Bulletin

🕶️ Theft at Metrotown. Mounties are looking for the two people who stole $10,000 worth of sunglasses at a business at Metrotown on Sunday, Sept. 17. Investigators have provided a description of the suspects.

⏸️ Pressing pause. Burnaby and Surrey will not be receiving federal funding because of a concern related to some proposed development fees. (CBC Vancouver)

🙅 Strike. As of today, the Teaching Support Staff Union will begin striking at all three campuses—including the one on Burnaby Mountain.

🎒 Stepping down. Dee Beattie, the school board trustee who confirmed to our sister publication New West Anchor that she was behind an X/Twitter troll account that harassed members of the city, has tendered her resignation. (New West Anchor)

🏘️ A guide to finding housing. MOSAIC has shared a recently published resource that aims to help local newcomers find a place to live.

😷 Masking. The group Protect our Province BC has written an open letter asking to bring back mandatory masking in BC emergency departments.

🎙️ Meantime…on that aforementioned news note, Dr. Bonnie Henry is expected later today to provide announcements regarding what’s being referred to as enhanced masking in certain health spaces. (CBC Vancouver)


What should Burnaby focus on as it looks to the decades ahead? What are some of the issues top of mind for those living in the city? We’re taking a look at a recent brainstorming session more than 60 people attended at the City of Lougheed to see what their thoughts were.


The results are in: Burnaby loves White Spot. 📸 White Spot Restaurants.

A lot of you really appreciate getting your burgers from White Spot—but you’ve also got some other local favourites. Take a look at the round-up to learn more about the other locations you’re enjoying in our city.

Where to eat & drink

Dahlak. This Ethiopian restaurant offers traditional cuisine as well as Mediterranean food. Find snackables like hummus and and crispy chicken, or go all out with the Dahlak combo: a massive vegetarian combo served with injera.

Big Way Hot Pot. Just in time for the weather to cool down, this spot has everything your heart desires when it comes to hot pot. Plus, their broths are all based on centuries-old recipes. Who doesn’t love a little tradition?!

🤝 Now Hiring

Looking to make a move? Here are local jobs open right now:

Hiring and want to let people know? Reply back and share the details.

🗓 Things to do

Today (Sept. 28)

  • Art that Speaks to the Heart. To mark Truth and Reconciliation, Caleb Ellison-Dysart’s work is on display until Sept. 30. The Amazing Brentwood.

  • Virtual job fair for veterans. 11:30am. Online.

  • English conversation circle. 1:30pm, Burnaby Public Library, Cameron location.

  • English conversation circle. 3pm, online via the Burnaby Public Library.

  • 10-year celebration. 5:30pm. Steamworks Burnaby.

  • Bunk #7. 7:30pm. Shadbolt.

  • Karaoke. 8pm. The Admiral.

Friday (Sept. 29)

  • LMS Canadian University Cricket League and LMS EARLYRISERS finals and grand festival. 3760 Sperling Ave.

  • Youth drop-in. 4pm. 4908 Hastings St.

  • Little Miss Higgins. 7:30pm. Shadbolt.

  • Sin City illusions. 7:30pm. 5455 Rumble St.

  • August slipped away. 8pm. The Rec Room.

Saturday (Sept. 30)

  • Farmers Market. 9am. City Hall parking lot. 

  • Community clean-up. 9:45am. Eileen Daily.

  • Babytime. 10:30am. Burnaby Public Library, Tommy Douglas location.

  • Family storytime. 11:30am. Burnaby Public Library, Tommy Douglas location.

  • The Ocean Led Zepplin tribute. 3pm. The Admiral.

  • Bubble tea meet-up. 3:30pm. SunTea Kingsway.

Sunday (Oct. 1)

  • Gabriel Mark Hasselbach. Noon. The Admiral.

  • Karaoke night. 8pm. Great Bear Pub.

  • Nature walk. Noon. Burnaby Lake Nature House.

  • Lord of the Rings nature walk. 1pm. Burnaby Lake Nature House.

Monday (Oct. 2)

  • Resume clinic. 2pm. Burnaby Public Library, Tommy Douglas location.

  • Mindful Mondays. 7pm. Online + in-person (in-person location provided once registration is complete).

  • Trivia Night. 7:30pm. The Admiral.

Tuesday (Oct. 3)

  • Family story time. 10:30am. Burnaby Public Library, Bob Prittie location.

  • Tech cafe. 1pm. Burnaby Public Library, Bob Prittie location.

  • Youth drop-in. 4pm. South House, 4460 Beresford St.

  • Game night for English learners. 6pm. Burnaby Public Library, McGill location.

  • Taco Tuesdays. Feat. DJ Eddie Rolando. 7pm. The Admiral.

  • Fandom trivia. 7:30pm. The Rec Room.

  • West Coast Swing. 7:45pm. Lochdale Hall.

Wednesday (Oct. 4)

  • Fall Japanese book clearance. 11am. Nikkei Museum.

  • Baby social. 1pm. Burnaby Public Library, McGill location.

  • Youth drop-in. 4pm. Brentwood House. 2055 Rosser Ave.

  • Toastmasters. 6:45pm. BCIT.

  • Blue Wednesdays. 7pm. The Admiral.

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